anthony nguyen

software engineer

Gamer One

Gamer One is a fast growing eSports startup that builds a social community for worldwide gamers.

Working as a senior front-end engineer in the team, I built a well-organized project structure and the core architecture from the ground. My primary focus was on building accessible and user-friendly interfaces, state management, and performance optimization.

Some notable features of this project:

  • Card, Dialog based UI

  • Light/dark mode support and elegant themes

  • Light and performant forms using react-hook-form

  • State management using Redux, Redux-saga and Context API

  • Strongly-typed components, interfaces and models everywhere

  • Well-tested components and logic

Tools & Technologies The tech stack I was involved with.

  • React 16.13.1
  • TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Redux-saga
  • React-hook-form
  • Jest/RTL
  • Cypress
  • SSR
  • SCSS
  • Laravel